Stratford small business HR consultancyDebra Oakaby HR Consultancy is based in Stratford East London and helps small businesses train and develop their staff.  Debra is FCIPD qualified with more than 20 year’s HR experience.  She is friendly, approachable and professional with the personal touch.

Debra Oakaby HR Consultancy

Debra knows that business owners are short of time as they rush from one task to another and try to manage their workforce in the best way they can. However a ‘sticking plaster’ approach to HR is a temporary fix and just doesn’t work in the longer term.  Take a look at Dave’s story here.

With Brexit coming down the track, “businesses are facing a growing skills shortage that poses a genuine threat to productivity and growth,” British Chambers of Commerce.  This is on top of increased customer demands, rapid changes in technology and an ageing workforce.  Does this resonate with you?

Perhaps you’ve decided your business needs some dedicated time spent on training and developing your staff.  However hiring a permanent HR professional like a HR Manager might be out of the question, so here’s the next best thing; you decide how you want to work with Debra either on an adhoc consultancy basis or more regularly on a monthly retainer for a set amount of time each month.

Debra believes that small businesses need to get their staff on board and start upskilling them now ahead of Brexit, and this requires expert people management skills, which will save you precious time and money.  That’s where Debra comes in; she makes things much easier to understand and implement, and has a common sense approach when it comes to thorny issues.

Next Step

Call Debra on 07906 007613 for an informal chat about your business.  You’ll get a different perspective on things and some new ideas too.