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Personal Development

Debra Oakaby, Coach for Women, FCIPD, MA, BA (Hons.)

Career BuildingHello I’m Debra

The great thing about getting older is the ability to reflect on what has worked well in your life, and what you would avoid knowing what you know now.  The number one piece of advice I would give my best friend is that you must have a personal development plan, and do it now!

Personal Development

I’m a Chartered HR Practitioner and a Coach for Women, passionate about creating Personal Development Plans (PDPs) that work.   Discover your top strengths, core values and predominant personality style and learn how to harness your inner resources for improving performance and achieving your goals.

All too often PDPs are impersonal and bland, and end up in a drawer never seeing the light of day. Many women do not have a PDP because they are really busy working in their job or business rather than on it.  This is a big mistake.  Read more

What do you do?

I help women get unstuck in their career or business with a bespoke Personal Development Plan, saving them time, money and effort, with less stress and quicker than they can alone.  I do this through professional 1-1 coaching and mentoring.  Read more

Why do you do this?

I’m a woman myself and fell into the habit of over working thinking I had to over compensate for not being able to meet increasing demands on my time.  I felt swamped and overloaded with work and worried a lot about it.

Furthermore, I’ve always been passionate about learning and development and a big investor in education, but I learnt a hard lesson:

Qualifications and expertise are not enough to ensure your success. 

You must also have a strong positive mental attitude and unlimited self-belief, with a plan to nurture and enable this.  The problem was that I didn’t know what I lacked and this was frustrating.  That’s where I come in.  I combine HR expertise with personal development skills.

How do you do it?

If you’re building your career or growing a business, I’ll give you peace of mind that when you have professional 1-1 coaching and mentoring your mindset will shift and you’ll get more than one perspective to consider.  You will feel energised and enthusiastic about the future and want to get started as soon as possible.  I offer three ways I can help you.  Read more

Personal Development Plan 3-month programme for setting and achieving your goals, staying focused and on track.  Read more

Super Strategy session for developing your self-belief and assertiveness skills.  Read more

Special Consultation to give you clarity and focus, especially if you’re feeling stuck with few options. Read more

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If you want to stop feeling stuck or confused about your next move, then get ahead and take the next step by telling me about your situation here.

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