Many HR professionals struggle to develop their HR career; it’s ironic because they’re so used to facilitating the development of other people.  As a result, they find themselves overwhelmed and don’t know how to articulate their purpose.  They want to progress but don’t feel confident of their leadership skills.  Stress and feeling trapped follow.

HR careerImagine, instead that you’ve got crystal clear clarity of your vision and a robust plan for achieving it.  You are focused on your career goals and have identified opportunities at work to enhance your career development.   You’re interacting with a variety of people and feel in control of what you’re doing and understand the reasons why.  You’re a confident, successful leader, who is respected by others.

So why are you struggling to develop your HR career?

It’s likely that no one told you WHAT you would need to do.  You haven’t got time to find out.  You encourage other people to have a personal development plan but you haven’t got one yourself.  You don’t delegate enough, work late and run out of time.  You just keep reacting, ignoring the fact that you could be left behind unless you take  action now.   You aren’t efficiently using your talents and know you’re capable of higher-level duties

So what do you need to do to develop your HR career?

You need to raise your self-awareness and get some objective feedback.  You need to get clear on your vision, your main overarching goal and the reasons WHY you want it and WHEN.  You need to organise your strengths so you know what you’ve already got to help you develop your career.  You need to know what your core values are, so you can make decisions which support them.  You need to develop your self-belief and act authentically when interacting with people.   You need to take responsibility for your self-development and ensure it co-exists with your professional development.  You need to know HOW to do these things sooner.

This is where I come in.

I help HR professionals smash through internal blocks that are holding them back from realising their full potential and leading confidently with their vision.   I offer powerful HR career transformation coaching and mentoring to help corporate and SME employed professionals grow into new exciting, fulfilling HR roles.

Your Next Step

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