Absence of personal development for SMEs

Only 45 per cent of SMEs survive beyond five years (ONS).   They struggle to engage employees, grow and innovate As a result, they find themselves overwhelmed and out of touch.  Inspiring and motivating people to take action is a constant challenge and customers are demanding more and more.  A lack of self-awareness, poor performance and feeling stuck, soon follow.

Personal development for SMEsImagine life with personal development for SMEs

Imagine, instead that you’ve got crystal clear clarity of your vision and everyone is engaged and want to help you achieve it.   You’re managing a cohesive team, people are following your lead and they’re generating ideas for developing the business.   You’re interacting with a variety of people and you enjoy it because you feel in control of what you’re doing.  You’re a confident, successful entrepreneurial business owner, who is respected by others.

So why are you struggling to engage and innovate?

  • It’s likely that you’re moving so quickly reacting to demands that employees don’t share your vision because you haven’t told them where they fit into it, and therefore aren’t committed to achieving it.
  • You haven’t got time to go on courses and expect people to learn on the job.
  • You know you should be doing more to keep up with changes in your industry and develop your skills but you tend to ignore this.
  • You don’t delegate enough, work late and run out of time.
  • You’re not fully using your strengths and sometimes wonder if you’d rather be doing something else altogether.
  • You’ve made some decisions, which have not rested easy with you but you don’t know why.
  •  You want people to believe in what you’re doing but you know it’s difficult to convince them and you tend to avoid networking.

So what do you need to do?

You need to get clear on the bigger picture and articulate it to others.  You need to organise your strengths so you know what you’ve already got to help you develop the buisiness and consider whast you will need in future.  You need to know what your core values are, so you can make decisions which support them.  You need to develop your self-belief and act authentically and with conviction, so you can fully engage others.  You need to stretch your comfort zone by regularly reviewing your learning and updating your skills, and develop a ‘can do’ culture where people take responsibility for their own performance.

This is where I come in.

I help business owners and employees smash through internal blocks that are holding them back.  I teach practical personal development strategies, in an easy to understand and enjoyable way, at ”Workshops with Workbooks’.  I offer The 5-Step POWER System and transformative 1-1 coaching and mentoring to help business owners grow into innovative and forward thinking business leaders, who inspire and motivate others to take action.

Your Next Step

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