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HR for SMEsAre you wearing too many hats?

Business owners are passionate about what they do.  They’re driven by a strong sense of purpose and are usually resilient to hard knocks and determined to succeed.  Debra’s friend, Dave is a good example.  He owns a light engineering company and employs 30 people.  He knows the business inside out and seems to get involved in everything including HR.

The problem is that Dave is reluctant to delegate and this is frustrating for his staff, who want to develop and have a future with the company because it’s a friendly place to work.  Dave admits he doesn’t want to lose control of the business and, yet agrees it’s slowing down decision making at a time when everything else is rapidly changing.  That’s why he keeps most plans inside his head.  He has a vision of where he’d like the business to be, the problem is that his staff don’t know what this is, and don’t share his motivation or commitment as a result. They’ve no idea of how they fit into Dave’s bigger picture.

Some say that Dave’s got an old fashioned approach when it comes to managing people.  He tends to give lots of intructions and tells people where they’re going wrong, usually in front of other people.  He is driven by results and works hard to get what he wants.  The problem is that he expects everyone to work in a similar way and of course, people are different.  He would like to get to know his staff better and concedes he’s not a good listener because he gets impatient and just wants to get on with the job.

However the nature of work has changed and a different approach is required.  The good news is that there are no limits when it comes to learning, and it’s even better if you’ve got someone, like Debra who knows how to manage people well and will show you some trade secrets. Your staff are your most valuable asset, so take care to retain them otherwise it’ll cost you dear to replace them.

Dave is worried about the consequences of Brexit on the business.  He doesn’t know if some staff will leave or what skills will be required.  This uncertainty is playing on his mind and keeping him awake at night.  That’s where Debra comes in.

In a nutshell:

  1. Debra will find out what makes your staff tick, so you can play to their strengths
  2. Debra will develop team working, so people feel inspired and encouraged to contribute ideas and suggestions for business innovation and growth
  3. Debra will use best people management practices for improving performance, so you get increased levels of customer satisfaction
  4. Debra will provide 1-1 mentoring, team briefings and run workshops, as required by the business
  5. Debra will help you create a collaborative culture with a ‘can do attitude,’ enabling you to attract and retain the best talent

Let Debra take the worry out of managing and developing your staff by calling 07906 007613 today, for a no obligation chat.